New Contenders Emerge to Replace London as EU’s Fintech Hub

London has so far been considered as the financial powerhouse of the European Union. With Britain, all set to separate from the EU following its Brexit vote, the position is now open for others to fill in.  While Germany and Switzerland remain the most favored replacement for London, there are two unlikely contenders – […]

Bitcoin Core Developers Work On A New 2 MB Hardfork Proposal

Solving the Bitcoin block size problem has been a top priority for developers over the past few months. Multiple solutions have been proposed, although only two of them are in actual “contention” right now. Bitcoin Core developers have begun development of a third solution that would shift the block size to 2MB. It is […]

Demonetization Accelerates Fintech Development in India

India decided to do away with over 80 percent of its currency in circulation overnight. The move, almost brought the country’s economic machinery to a grinding halt as people flocked to the banks and post offices to exchange their old high-value banknotes for new ones. As experts debate about its potential impact on the […]

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